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Tatuaje Avion

Tatuaje Avion is a line of premium cigars created by renowned cigar maker Pete Johnson. The cigars are made with a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler and binder and a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. This combination of premium tobaccos creates a rich, complex flavor profile that is full-bodied and well-balanced. The Tatuaje Avion cigars come in three sizes: The Avion 11, which measures 6 3/4" x 48/52; The Avion 12, 5 5/8" x 48/52; and The Avion 13 Broadleaf, 6 7/8" x 52. Each size is packaged in boxes of 20 and features the distinctive Tatuaje Avion band with an airplane design. Browse our collection today to select a box of Avion that suits your style.

In addition to their bold flavor, the Tatuaje Avion cigars are known for their excellent construction. The cigars are well-made and burn evenly, producing a smooth, consistent smoke. The flavors of the cigar are well-balanced and satisfying, with notes of spice, earth, and leather and a hint of sweetness on the finish. The cigar's full-bodied strength and bold flavors make it a perfect choice for experienced cigar smokers who are looking for satisfying, complex smoke. The smooth, satisfying smoke and well-balanced flavors make these cigars a joy to smoke. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening at home after a lovely meal or out at the casino, the Tatuaje Avion cigars are a great choice to keep you company.

Blend Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars.

Unique Blend Attributes: All cigars in this blend are Figurado-shaped.

Strength Profile: Full-bodied.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper used adds an extra layer of complexity to the cigar's flavor profile, with hints of cocoa, coffee, and a subtle sweetness. "

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado awarded multiple 90+ point ratings to Tatuaje Avion cigars.

Made in: Nicaragua

Master Blender: Don Pepin & Pete Johnson

Owners: Tatuaje Cigars Inc.

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