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Tatuaje Reserva Miami

Tatuaje Reserva Miami is a line of Old World full-bodied Cuban-esque cigars created by Pete Johnson in 2003. Miami is a haven for Cigar lovers. At the onset of the revolution in Cuba, many of the country's finest tobacco farmers and markers of premium hand-rolled cigars evaded the country. Many of them landed in Miami, changing the character and demographic of the city. This was how the mastermind behind the Reserva Miami, Don Pepin found himself in the city. What makes this particular line of cigars distinctive? The pure Cuban-seed tobacco grown in the rich soils of Nicaragua makes for a great binder and filler tobacco. These are carefully wrapped in a lustrous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

Tatuaje Reserva Miami comes in different sizes and shapes to satisfy your curiosity. These include Noellas, Regios, Especiales, Havana Cazadores Unicos, Tainos, Cojonu 2003 Cojonu 2003 Series L Cojonu 2006 Cojonu 2009, Gran Cojonu, Gran Cojonu Series A, Reserva J21, Reserva SW, Reserva K222, Reserva A-uno, RC184 - Salomon, RC233 - Diademas, Reserva Short SW, Series P1 Miami, Series P2 Miami, and Series P3 Miami. Despite being blended by Don Pepin, it's less flavorful than we've come to expect from him, but that is probably precisely what Pete Johnson was looking for. Pete's was on-target based on how these cigars disappeared from the shelves.  If you want a taste of this fantastic creation, swing by our expansive collection to have one shipped to your doorstep.

Blend Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars.

Unique Blend Attributes: They are often so rare that you need to request them from your retailer.

Strength Profile: Full-bodied.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "These full-flavored cigars feature notes of leather, cedar, and sage."

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado has awarded multiple 90+ point ratings to Tatuaje Reserva Miami cigars.

Made in: USA

Master Blender: Don Pepin & Pete Johnson

Owners: Tatuaje Cigars Inc.

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