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Tatiana Robusto

Tatiana Robustos are premium hand-rolled 5" x 50 cigars expertly made by seasoned cigar rollers with well-aged tobacco of at least 2 years. Dominican tobacco sits elegantly beneath Indonesian wrappers as long fillers and binders to birth the perfect blend. Flavors of all kinds are Infused into the blend expertly without diluting the overall cigar's natural flavor. Like Classics, many flavors are delicately mixed to produce these uniquely flavored Robusto cigars. This a cigar perfect for both seasoned smokers who want to explore and occasional smokers who are just starting out.

The Robusto cigars are infused with juicy flavors, including Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla, Groovy Blue, and Rum. Tatiana Robusto Cherry has a subtle, smooth sweet cherry flavor. At the same time, Tatiana Vanilla leaves a vanilla ice cream aftertaste, and Groovy Blue has an exotic mixture of acacia honey, cognac extracts, raspberries, and vanilla. Tatiana Chocolate has complex dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate notes that give a unique chocolaty taste. Tatiana Rum has oak and molasses expertly mixed to provide the palates with a quirky feel. Each piece in the box of 25 is flawlessly crafted just for you. Add flavors to your day with a box of Tatiana Robusto from our store today.

Blend Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars

Unique Blend Attributes: The Classic Tatiana flavors are available in a sturdy Robusto vitola.

Strength Profile: Mild to medium

Master Blender Tasting Notes: “The Tatiana Robusto cigars allow you to enjoy the bursts of flavors for a slightly longer time. The thicker vitola enhances the flavors.”

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blender: Nestor Miranda

Owners: Miami Cigars & Co

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