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Tatiana Mini & Petites

Tatiana Mini (Miniatures) & Petites are cigarillos that add flavor to every moment and come in tins. Minis are 3 ½ inches and 26 in ring gauge while the Petites are 4" x 30. These cigars are highly talked about due to their endearing flavors and petite shape that make them acceptable on all occasions. They are draped with flawless Indonesian Sumatra wrappers and copious amounts of well-aged fillers and binders from the Dominican Republic. Like all other Tatiana cigars, Miniatures are offered in many flavors to suit every palate.

Tatiana Miniature Amaretto has notes of apricot, peach, bitter almonds, and kernels that give an almond-like taste of Amaretto. Cappuccino has a lingering taste of espresso and milk giving you the coffee-like cappuccino experience. Chocolate has a dark chocolaty taste, while Cherry fills the air with subtle notes of sweet cherries and Honey has a natural sweet honey-like taste to it. The Mandarin has notes of fruits and citrus with a distinct orange taste typical of the Mandarin orange. Other tasting notes in the Miniature line include Groovy Blue with its smooth berry taste, the Natural sweet has a leathery velvety feel and Cinnamon is savory and spicy. Tatiana cigars’ intent of filling a moment with both cigars and assorted flavors has made them a leading brand for many years and these petite cigars attest to that. A worthwhile 30-35 mins of a mellow experience awaits you as you devour these flavorful sticks. Order tins of Tatiana Mini and Petites cigars now!

Blend Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars

Unique Blend Attributes: Tatiana Mini and Petite cigars are the perfect size for any lunch break!

Strength Profile: Mild to medium

Master Blender Tasting Notes: “They're the perfect bursts of flavors to relax with for a half hour.”

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blender: Nestor Miranda

Owners: Miami Cigars & Co

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