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Oliva Samplers

Oliva Cigar Company, renowned for its premium cigars with exceptional quality, offers a diverse and enticing range of sampler packs, allowing enthusiasts to explore the rich flavors and craftsmanship the brand is celebrated for. The Oliva cigar samplers collection features an array of meticulously curated assortments, each showcasing the brand's dedication to blending excellence. From the renowned Serie V to the nuanced flavors of Serie O and the well-balanced Serie G, Oliva samplers provide a journey through the brand's extensive portfolio. For aficionados seeking robust and full-bodied experiences, the Oliva Serie V Sampler stands out. Highlighting the Serie V's potent blend of Nicaraguan Ligero long-fillers and a sun-grown Habano wrapper, this sampler offers a tasting voyage through different sizes of this acclaimed line.

Alternatively, the Oliva Serie O Sampler caters to those who appreciate a mellower profile. With a blend centered around Habano-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars provide a nuanced and flavorful experience. The Serie G Sampler, with its Cameroon-wrapped cigars, adds another dimension to Oliva's offerings. Showcasing the brand's versatility, these cigars boast a well-balanced profile, bringing together a Nicaraguan core with a distinctive African wrapper. These samplers not only allow enthusiasts to explore Oliva's diverse blends but also serve as excellent gifts for both novices and seasoned cigar connoisseurs. With Oliva's commitment to quality and consistency, these sampler packs are a delightful introduction to the brand's extensive range of premium cigars.


Unique Blend Attributes: An Oliva cigar sampler is the best way to try an array of cigars and find your favorite!

Strength Profile: Assorted

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado awarded Oliva Cigars various 85+ point ratings.

Created in: 1886 as Cuban cigars.

Born in: Cuba

Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua

Master Blenders: Carlos Oliva

Owners: Oliva Cigar Company

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