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Montecristo Espada

Montecristo Espada cigars mark an extraordinary collaboration between two renowned tobacco families, Altadis USA and the Plasencia family, resulting in a remarkable and distinct cigar that embodies the essence of luxury and expertise. This innovative blend introduces a new chapter in the storied Montecristo legacy, showcasing a modern twist on tradition. The Montecristo Espada is characterized by its bold and flavorful Nicaraguan blend, a departure from the predominantly Dominican profile that the brand is known for. Encased in a Habano Jalapa Vintage 2010 wrapper, the cigar boasts a rich appearance and an enticing prelude to the smoking adventure ahead. The Habano Jalapa Seco Vintage 2008 / Habana Jalapa Viso Ometepe Vintage 2008 / Habano Condega Ligero Vintage 2008 filler and Habano Jalapa Vintage 2009 binder have been meticulously chosen by the Plasencia family.

The blend provides a memorable journey through various flavor transitions, ensuring that each moment of the smoke is an exploration of taste sensations. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, Montecristo Espada cigars showcase a sleek design that complements the opulence of the blend. The emblematic sword-shaped band pays homage to the cigar's name, "Espada," which means "sword" in Spanish. Montecristo Espada is a testament to the passion, artistry, and heritage that both the Montecristo and Plasencia families bring to the world of cigars. It's a union of tradition and innovation, resulting in a blend that captures the essence of both brands. Whether you're a dedicated Montecristo enthusiast or a cigar aficionado seeking a unique and flavorful experience, the Montecristo Espada promises a journey into the heart of premium cigar craftsmanship.


Unique Blend Attributes: These are Nicaraguan puros.

Strength Profile: Medium to full

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Upon lighting, enthusiasts are greeted by an array of intricate flavors that dance across the palate. Notes of pepper, earth, leather, and roasted coffee beans intermingle harmoniously, creating a full-bodied yet balanced profile."

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado awarded Montecristo Espada cigars multiple 85+ point ratings.

Made in: Nicaragua

Master Blender: Grupo de Maestros

Owner: Altadis USA

There are two sizes to choose from Espada Guard and Ricasso. For a similar strength blend, try Montecristo 1935 Anniversary. To see all blends by this brand, please visit Montecristo Cigars. Lastly, you may explore other medium to full-bodied blends or return to the homepage.

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