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Montecristo Artisan Series

The Montecristo Artisan Series Toro & Belicoso cigars represent a rare and exclusive line crafted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic brand. These medium-bodied Toro and Belicoso cigars are a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Tabacalera de Garcia's Grupo de Maestros, a team of highly skilled and accomplished cigar makers. These cigars are not just smokes; they are genuine masterpieces, and each one promises an unforgettable experience. Since the inception of the Montecristo Artisan Series in 2016, Altadis USA has periodically introduced new batches. These releases are a tribute to the brand's rich heritage and its commitment to delivering exceptional cigars. What sets each batch apart is the distinct combination of tobaccos used, ensuring that no two experiences are the same.

For cigar aficionados who relish novel and complex flavors, the Montecristo Artisan Series is a must-try. With every batch, you embark on a unique journey of taste and aroma. Whether you're drawn to the Toro or Belicoso format, these cigars promise a smoking experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. If you're on a quest for fresh and exciting cigar experiences, look no further. You can explore and purchase the Montecristo Artisan Series online, all from the comfort of your home, at Cigar Country. The best prices and the finest cigars are just a click away, allowing you to savor the essence of Montecristo's 50-year legacy.


Unique Blend Attributes: The Montecristo Artisan Series Batch 1 & 2 Toro and Batch 3 Belicoso feature a new and special combination of carefully grown tobacco.

Strength Profile: Medium to full

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Each cigar is incredibly flavorful with unique notes and flavors."

Accolades: Stogie Press awarded Montecristo Artisan Series Batch 1 an 89-point rating - it celebrates the 50th anniversary of Montecristo.

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blender: Grupo de Maestros

Owner: Altadis USA

For a slightly fuller blend, try Monte instead. To see all blends by this brand, please visit Montecristo Cigars. Lastly, you may explore other medium to full-bodied blends or return to the homepage.

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