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Oliva Cigars

Oliva Cigars has been redefining super-premium with some of the hottest blends on the market. Handmade in Nicaragua and highly rated in cigar magazines, the Oliva family’s selection of cigars has something for every smoker. With a portfolio of award-winning blends, Oliva Cigars are consistently in the running for Cigar of the Year accolades. Always in demand and always enjoyable, Oliva cigars are top-notch full-flavored handmades. Today, there is a more expansive variety of cigars than ever before. Selecting the perfect cigar is the first and most important part of the experience. Enjoy browsing Cigar Country's great selection curated for your pleasure. Order some of your favorites from Cigar Country today!

Oliva Cigars are known for blending their cigars with exceptional tobacco Since 1886. Founder Melanio Oliva first grew his world-renowned full flavor tobaccos in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Three generations and two revolutions later, Melanio's grandson Gilberto found a new place to call home in Nicaragua's fertile lands. Today Gilberto, along with his family, are one of Nicaragua’s largest growers of Cuban-seed tobac­co. Using the same time-tested methods of curing, blending, and rolling that built an empire, the Oliva cigar lineup has garnered tons of top- ratings from industry experts and consumers alike, culminating with Cigar Aficionado Magazine awarding the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado Cigar of the Year in 2014.

Oliva Cigars are entirely handcrafted at the famous Tabacalera Oliva in Esteli, Nicaragua. Makers of world-renowned brands such as the full-bodied and full-flavored Oliva Serie V received a well-deserved '95' rating from Cigar Aficionado. Each leaf in each blend, from the smooth and sweet to the big and bold, and from the traditional shapes to the short and stout Nub, is of the utmost quality, and every cigar is designed for the serious smoker who wants nothing less than carefully crafted construction, time-honored tradition, and unparalleled enjoyment. You'll be happy to see these in your humidor next time you grab a cigar.

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