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Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut Edition Cigarillos

Ashton Connecticut Edition Cigarillos Small Cigars are crafted using premium aged Dominican filler tobaccos and the classic Connecticut Shade wrapper. Connecticut wrappers are smooth and golden, with mild velvety flavors and a hint of light leather. When you smoke one of these cigars, you will discover mellow and rich notes of cashews, almonds, coffee beans, and cedar, ushering in a hint of spice. This blend is available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to enjoy them whenever you want.  The mild to medium profile strength of these beauties make it perfect for both those just starting out on the cigar smoking experience and veteran smokers.

Ashton Connecticut Edition Cigarillos are excellent small cigars to enjoy especially when you don't have enough time to smoke a full-sized one. The finish is inherently silky and light, and the short, moderate structure leaves no aftertaste. If you just smoke once in a while, Ashton's Connecticut-wrapped small cigars will please your palate with their flavor and aroma. One puff of Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut is enough to make you want more. Get your hands on one today and you will be glad you did.

Products Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars.

Remarkable Product Attributes: These small cigars are crafted in the European style with only the best aged Dominican tobacco and a beautiful, mellow Connecticut wrapper.

Strength Profile: Mild to medium-bodied.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Ashton Connecticut Edition Cigarillos small cigars have a surprising amount of taste. Each puff leaves a lasting impression of creaminess and nutty flavors on your palate."

Accolades:  Cigar Aficionado awarded Ashton Cigars with multiple 90+ point ratings.

Created in: 1985

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blender: Carlito Fuente and Robert Levin

Owners: Ashton Distributors Inc.

Ashton Connecticut Edition Cigarillos is a must-try for all small cigar enthusiasts. For a slightly larger size in this blend, check out the Half Corona. Also, check out all sizes in the blend or explore all blends in the brand! Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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  • Shape
  • Ring Gauge
  • Length
    3 3/4

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    Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut

  • Filler

    Dominican Republic

  • Binder

    Dominican Republic

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    Dominican Republic

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Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut Edition Cigarillos

$1000Box of 200