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Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo

Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo celebrates a century of producing the most sought-after smokes on the market. Blended to commemorate its 100th anniversary, Arturo Fuente Gran Aniversario Destino al Siglo is made with specially aged estate-grown tobaccos from Chateau de la Fuente. This line uses a Habano seed rather than the Corojo seed variety used to make the renowned Fuente Fuente OpusX. The Aniversario Destino al Siglo will delight those who prefer a full-flavor, robust smoke. Buy some today if you are lucky enough to find them in stock!

The exquisite Arturo Fuente Gran Aniversario Destino al Siglo cigar is presented in the finest packaging. From the beautifully detailed cigar band to the Spanish cedar lift-out trays, the packaging is ornate and designed so that it looks like a book. A century of destiny that marks a major milestone in the Fuente Family Story. These ultra-premium cigars are regarded by many as the pinnacle of cigar perfection. You are going to want to get your hands on one of these 13 cigar collector boxes!

Due to limited availability, this brand is frequently out of stock. Please contact us via live chat, contact form, or call for more info about when they'll be back in.

Product Type: Super-premium handmade Dominican cigars

Unique blend attributes: Made with specially aged estate-grown tobaccos that pack a punch for those who prefer full-flavor smokes. Packaged in beautiful 13 count boxes that resemble a book

Strength profile: Medium to Ful body

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "a strong peppery profile accompanied by notes of dark chocolate, leather, and a slight earthiness."

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado has awarded Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo multiple high point ratings for "Outstanding."

Created in: 1912 Introduced: 2012 Born in: Tampa, Florida Made in: Dominican Republic Master Blender: Carlos Fuente, Jr. Owners: Fuente Family

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