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Cigar Gifts

Unique Gifts for Cigar Smokers: Personalized Cigars

By Ruben Gonzalez
Unique Gifts for Cigar Smokers: Personalized Cigars

Handmade cigars, like Champagne, have a celebratory vibe or connotation that is impossible to ignore. When you light one up or pop a bottle, it means you’ve “arrived”, “made it”, “let the party begin”! The most unique gift ideas are unique and cool customized premium cigars direct from the factory – perfect for all cigar smokers. Cigar Country is the place where you will be able to personalize your favorite world-renowned cigar brands like Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, VegaFina, and Don Diego. Any cigar smoker will be blown away with these gifts.

Premium Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

You know what to expect from the best brands. Any cigar smoker is guaranteed to love a stogie from a world-renowned cigar brand as a gift. It is best to gift only one box of a personalized premium brand cigar than several of a no-name brand. When purchasing from Cigar Country you are buying freshness and quality brands.

Life is good but short, unfortunately! Luckily, we are granted many opportunities to celebrate. Waste no opportunity to do so with class.

cigar gift ideas

Hard-to-find or personalized premium cigars make for the best gifts
Why? Because it gives the impression of time, money, and thought invested into gifting something special to cigar lovers. Plus, there is no cooler gift than a rare cigar.

Personalization Etiquette

Light up your special occasions with customized premium brand cigars as gifts, direct from the factory. Cigar Country is the only place where you will be able to personalize and gift your favorite world-renowned cigar brands. At Cigar Country, we hand pick your specially selected premium brand cigars from reserved “extra-aged” batches at factory cedar rooms, individually package them with your customization, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

Few gift items and wedding favors are more remarkable or appreciated by the recipients than unique personalized premium cigars. Whether they are cigar smokers or not! The awe and happiness your groomsmen or guests face when they open a factory-sealed gift box and realize that the cigars have been specially selected and customized for them is PRICELESS.

Tips on how to personalize cigars

When personalizing premium cigar gifts, remember less is more – cigars and the boxes they come in are handcrafted works of art. You want to go with simple customization that complements its beauty instead of diminishing it. I recommend simple text in two lines with no more than 32 characters each. 

Popular text for an individual

Line 1: Specially Selected For

Line 2: Mr. Edward Lewis

Weddings and Events –

Line 1: Caroline & Albert (ladies first)

Line 2: June 19, 2021

cigar gift box

For more inspiration please visit How we personalize cigars. You may also want to preview how your creations will look in our Personalized Cigars section. The perfect gift for cigar lovers!


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