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Nicaraguan Samplers

Nicaragua is undoubtedly home to premium handmade cigars with its rich volcanic soil - try a variety of Nicaraguan cigars with samplers. The country's cigar portfolio is stacked with highly-rated cigars. Legendary cigar-makers like Jose Pepin Garcia, Gilberto Olivia, and Jose Orlando Padrón have their roots in the country. What more could a cigar lover appreciate than being able to smoke premium handmade cigars rolled by legendary cigar-makers all in one box. If Nicaragua cigars are on your list of cigars to try out, then a Nicaraguan sampler is for you. Nicaragua Samplers features Nicaragua cigars with different blends, sizes, shapes, and taste profiles. They may contain cigars from the same brand or different brands.

With Nicaraguan cigar samplers, it's easier to determine what your favorite blends are. If you've heard so much about the Padron family and their craftsmanship, you should try the Padron Family Reserve Maduro Sampler. The sampler contains cigar collections from the family's applauded blends - Padron Family Reserve. The cigars are Puro Nicaragua from tobaccos aged for 10yrs. They come in stunning shapes and sizes. The cigars are full-bodied with notes of cedar, cinnamon, dark chocolates, and spices to linger on your palates. If you prefer lighter and refreshing smoke, try the Padron Family Reserve Natural Sampler. Buy Nicaraguan cigar samplers today!

Browse through our sampler collection today for loads of pleasant Nicaraguan cigar experiences. Check out samplers from other countries of origin. Explore all of our machine made and handmade cigars! Check out all samplers. Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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