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Perfecto Cigars

Perfecto cigars are a unique family of Figurados in that they have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They do not conform to a standard. In Cuba, they are alternatively known as Exquisito or Double Figurado cigars. These cigars vary in length from the stout 4 1/2 to the grandiose 9 inches. Their thickness can also vary, ranging from 38 to 48 in ring gauge. Perfectos vary amongst and even within brands. They are rolled by highly skilled cigar rollers with years of experience and patience. In fact, they earned their name for this variability; Perfectos—perfect sizes for everyone and every occasion. Shop now for Perfecto cigars - for sale here!

Their most distinctive character is in their shapes. Generally, they have a bulging center and closed foot similar to the Torpedos but with two rounded tapering ends. The look is similar to a missile bomb. However, both ends can sometimes be capped with flag leaf, and the foot can be opened with a bump at the end. They also tend to have a complex flavor profile throughout the smoking session. Cigar aficionados enjoy Perfecto Figurados for the carnival of taste they provide. Although, they can be disturbing and intimidating for the novice because of their irregular draw and burning. They are certainly an acquired taste, and over time, everyone always warms up to a Perfecto - buy now, for sale at Cigar Country!

Perfecto shape cigars from notable brands include ​​Oliva Serie O Perfecto, La Galera Gavillero Maduro Perfecto, Fuente Hemingway Short Story, and La Aurora 107 Ecuador Zeppelin. Check out our collection today for Perfectos from the most premium cigar brands. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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