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Lancero Cigars

Lancero cigars are actually Panatela cigars with standard Cuban size of 38 ring gauge and ultra-length of 7 ½ inches. Those made outside of Cuban are often shorter and thicker. Panatelas (thin cigars) are often used interchangeably with Lanceros; however, not all Panatela cigars are Lanceros. Only the gran (long) Panatelas are truly Lanceros. Lancero means lancer in Spanish, and the size is reminiscent of the long weapons wielded in the Middle Ages. These straight-sided (parejo) cigars are capped with a pigtail finish. This could be a stub or a leaf strip from the wrapper about one inch in length.

Because they are extra long and thin, the wrapper to filler ratio favors the wrapper. They, therefore, depict best the full complex flavor of a tobacco leaf. Every nitty-gritty of the wrapper hits the palate and is experienced unadulterated. If any cigar brand or roller wants to boost how good their wrapper leaves are, Lanceros are the best shoot for that. Lanceros are usually made for true cigar connoisseurs. Not a lot of people appreciate these thin sticks. They are very expensive and have performance issues. They are difficult to roll, requiring a high level of experience. They can easily be overfilled or underfilled and would result in them not drawing at all or burning too hot with unpleasant flavors.

Some Lancero size cigars worth trying include La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Los Lanceros, Olivia Serie V Lancero, and ACID Cold Infusion Tea Lancero. To have a taste of these unique cigars, check out our collection to pick one for your humidor. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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