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Gordo Cigars

Gordo translates to “fat” in Spanish. These cigars have a bulging dimension of approximately 6 to 7 inches in length with a 60-ring gauge. Gordo-size cigars have become increasingly popular among cigar enthusiasts. If not for anything, the audacious challenge of finishing off such a massive beast is always alluring. These cigars are blended to satisfy the most demanding smokers in the world. The tobacco in them is stuffed generously. With more room to work with, experts find a way to experiment with a mixture of rich leaves with space for the other interior core. The sheer size of these cigars translates to an extensive burn time.

Also, Gordo cigars are characterized by an incredibly cool and approachable draw. This is another nod to the massive girth of the cigar. This perfect draw gingerly delivers a banquet of flavor from all tobacco blends in the cigar. However, like so many cigar sizes, Gordo cigars are not standardized. This makes them prone to inflation. The size can also be quite intimidating to newbie smokers. Here are a few of our favorite Gordo cigars from the most popular premium brands: Ashton VSG Wizard, ACID Deep Dish Gordo, La Galera Habano Gordo, and La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Valiente.

Can you call yourself a real smoker if you haven't tried one of these? Browse through our collection of varieties of Gordo-size cigars today to grab a box. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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