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Chisel Cigars

Chisel cigars are about 6 inches long with a 54-ring gauge. However, this figurado has a twist to its shape; the tip is tapered like the woodwork tool, which shares the same name. They are pretty rare. Because the shape is the brainchild of cigar connoisseur Litto Gomez, he patented the shape to ensure only his brand. Only La Flor Dominicana produces Chisel-cut and shaped cigars. Like Corona Gorda, the wrapper plays a more minor role in the flavor profile of these cigars. Complex wrapper notes blended with the interior tobacco continuously hit the palate for over 2 hours. The flexibility also allows the experimentation of different leaves to fill the cigar’s core.

Also, perfect cold draws which are unique and have a concentration of flavors characterize these groups of cigars. The sizable dimension reduces the heat of the smoke before it hits your mouth. However, all these goodies could translate into an expensive price tag. They are preferred by “big-shots” who seek a more extended smoking experience than the one offered by Toros. Chisel-cut and shaped cigars are perfect for visiting the clubhouse or an afternoon at the golf course. La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Chisel Selection provides the notes of cocoa, black pepper, cedar, spices, and earth characteristic of LFD cigars. This cigar is well revered by the real cigar collectors out there. Swing by our store today to enjoy these unique premium cigars.

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