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Belicoso Cigars

Belicoso size cigars traditionally feature a short, robust pyramid shape. These cigars are capped with a more rounded taper at the head than found on a torpedo or pyramid. They come in various dimensions, measuring about 5 to 5 1/2 inches in length and 50 to 54 ring gauge in girth. However, in today’s cigars, the Belicoso term is more of a reference to the head shape than the size. Recently, there has been an introduction of Mini-Belicosos. These new cigars have a smaller ring gauge than the traditional Belicosos. In fact, these cigars share the same dimensions as a Robusto cigar with the major difference being the pointed head. They are also a distant cousin of Torpedos, sharing a similar taper. However, the taper on a Belicoso is shorter and rounder than the pointed Torpedo tip.

Belicosos are perfect for cigar connoisseurs who seek an added concentration in flavors as the narrowed head is designed to condense and intensify smoke as it passes into your mouth. This curve provides you with a richer taste. However, the concentration in Belicosos is more subtle compared to the Torpedos. Also, the draw from a Belicoso tends to be cooler. This is an advantage for new smokers who appreciate the concentration of a Torpedo cigar but seek a less intense alternative as they provide a smoother feel in your mouth. The less intense but concentrated smoke, coupled with the perfect cooler draws, makes them one of the best Figurado cigars to smoke. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, H Upmann Vintage Cameroon, and Oliva Serie G Maduro are some examples of premium blends with Belicoso cigars from the biggest names in the industry.

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