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Cigars for Beginners

Are you, or someone you know, looking for the best recommendations of cigars for beginners that you could possibly find? Look no further, Cigar Country has your back. Not only do we have an excellent array of premium cigars for any beginner at your disposal, we also will deliver them straight to your doorstep directly from the factory. A box of quality cigars would also make a perfect gift for any beginner smoker you know!

First and foremost, La Flor Dominicana is an excellent brand that you may have heard of. LFD Suave is a wonderful mild-bodied smoke that every smoker must try. These cigars are perfect for beginners - it's smooth and relaxing. VegaFina Classic is another mild-bodied smoke that is both flavorful and unintimidating. Lastly, Leon Jimenes Prestige is a soft and reliable mild-bodied smoke that is great for any time of day. Even if you're a beginner, check out our array of cigars - try anything you'd like!

Why premium brand cigars?

You know what to expect from the best brands. You are guaranteed to enjoy a great smoke from a world-renowned brand. Our cigars always come directly from the factory! Always the highest quality, regardless of where you're ordering from. All smokers, especially beginners, need to start on the right foot and buy or receive as a gift the best cigars!

You may also personalize cigars if you'd like. It is best to buy only one cigar box of a personalized premium brand than several of a no-name brand. When purchasing from us, you are buying fresh and quality brands. Each cigar and box is customized with your choice of text or logo. Check out all customizable cigars. You may also return to the homepage.

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