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Padron Black Label

Padron Black Label cigars, also known as Black Line, are handcrafted by artisans in Nicaragua. They have become renowned for their flawless construction and extraordinary flavor profiles. These full-bodied sticks feature a rich Maduro or Natural Nicaraguan wrapper and are specially blended with aged Nicaraguan tobacco, offering a captivating smoking experience. Each draw unveils complex notes, including soft cocoa, robust espresso, earthy undertones, and subtle hints of spice, resulting in a truly satisfying and memorable smoke. Shop now for a box!

The construction of Padron Black Label cigars guarantees a consistently smooth draw and an even burn, allowing the flavors to develop smoothly throughout the entire smoking session. Due to their full-bodied nature and strong nicotine content, we recommend that only the most experienced smokers indulge in the Black line. However, Padrón Black cigars are very rare and only available through Tobacconist Association of America Retailers. Buy a box today and enjoy!


Unique Blend Attributes: These cigars are only available through Tobacconist's Association of America retailers.

Strength Profile: Full

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "They entice the palate with a symphony of flavors, including decadent cocoa, bold espresso, earthy undertones, and delicate spices, creating a harmonious and satisfying smoking experience."

Accolades: Halfwheel awarded Padron Black Label cigars an 87-point rating.

Made in: Nicaragua

Master Blender: Jorge Padron

Owners: Piloto Cigars Inc.

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