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NUB Nuance

NUB Nuance cigars offer a uniquely satisfying and flavorful experience for both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and those new to the world of premium cigars. These cigars are part of the popular NUB line produced by Oliva Cigar Co., known for their innovative approach to cigar blending and smoking. This blend includes NUB Nuance Single Roast, Double Roast, and Triple Roast.

The NUB Nuance collection presents three distinct flavor profiles, each tailored to delight different palates:

NUB Nuance Single Roast (formerly Cappuccino): This option features a golden Connecticut shade wrapper. When you light up a Single Roast, you're treated to a smooth and creamy smoke with notes of vanilla bean. The experience is rounded out by subtle hints of cedar, creating a harmonious and mellow flavor profile that's perfect for those who appreciate a mild yet flavorful cigar.

NUB Nuance Triple Roast (formerly Espresso): For those who prefer a bolder and richer cigar, the Triple Roast is wrapped in a Sumatra wrapper. It delivers a full-bodied experience with robust flavors of dark cacao. The cigar finishes with a long, semi-sweet toasty note that lingers on the palate, making it an ideal choice for fans of intense and complex tastes.

NUB Nuance Double Roast (formerly Macchiato): Encased in rich Sumatra wrappers, the Double Roast provides a creamy and smooth smoke. It entices the senses with notes of milk chocolate, and the finish is clean and sweet. This option strikes a balance between the mildness of the Single Roast and the boldness of the Triple Roast, making it versatile and enjoyable for a wide range of cigar enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking for a morning pick-me-up, an after-dinner treat, or something in between, NUB Nuance cigars offer an array of flavors to suit your preferences and occasions. The convenient NUB size ensures a concentrated and satisfying smoke throughout your cigar session.


Unique Blend Attributes: This is a rebrand and repackaging of the NUB Cafe blend.

Strength Profile: Medium

Accolades: Big Chief Cigar Review gave NUB Nuance cigars a positive review.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Each roast within the blend has its own unique flavor profile."

Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua

Master Blenders: Studio Tobac

Owners: Oliva Cigar Company

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