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La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Selections & Samplers

Discover the essence of La Flor Dominicana through the curated selection of La Flor Dominicana Cigar Sampler boxes, presented in elegant wooden boxes with a viewing window. These assortments have rapidly emerged as our top-selling offerings, encapsulating the expertise of Master Blender Litto Gomez. Immerse yourself in the world of LFD with a special cigar sampler that encapsulates the unique and renowned blends that have defined La Flor Dominicana's legacy. These sampler boxes are a gateway into the artistry of Litto Gomez, offering a taste of his finest creations. Experience the full-flavored world of La Flor Dominicana cigars. Try the Chisel or  Robusto Selection. See for yourself why there is so much buzz surrounding this brand.

La Flor Dominicana cigar samplers are the perfect avenue for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to explore a diverse array of flavors and profiles. Tailored to those seeking new experiences, these samplers often feature the most sought-after blends and sizes that LFD has to offer. Embrace the convenience and variety that a La Flor Dominicana assortment brings. Whether you're uncertain about your preferences or simply eager to broaden your cigar horizons, these samplers offer a low-risk opportunity to delve into the LFD lineup without committing to a full box purchase. They're an ideal companion for travel, thoughtful gifting, or even indulging in a little self-pampering. Unveil the magic of La Flor Dominicana's exquisite blends and sizes through these carefully curated sampler boxes. As you explore the diverse selection, you'll find your palate guiding you to the LFD cigars that resonate with you the most. Don't miss the chance to embark on this sensory journey of discovery.


Unique Line Attributes: La Flor Dominicana Cigar Selection is the perfect way to sample your way through the LFD lineup, mild to full body, to figure out which blends suit you best.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Each cigar in a La Flor Dominicana cigar sampler will vary in characteristics."

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado has awarded LFD cigars the highest ratings attainable. A La Flor Dominicana Assortment is certainly the best way to try these award-winning cigars.

Born in: Tamboril

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blenders: Litto & Antonio Gomez

Owners: Litto & Ines Gomez

For the complete line of La Flor Dominicana, please visit LFD Cigars. You could also try the popular Litto Gomez Diez blend. If you would like to browse other assortments, you may go to Premium Cigar Samplers. Lastly, return to the homepage.

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