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NUB Cigars

The innovative concept behind Nub Cigars was initially considered by many to be a passing fad. The cigar that started as a mere idea at the Oliva factory in Nicaragua is now an industry staple and unique in its presentation. Nub Cigars were designed by a torcedor that wanted to make a cigar that hit its sweet spot at first light, AKA short stout smoke with a big ring gauge. This uniquely stocky handmade Gordito cigar successfully captures the flavor and body of any other contending cigar size. Now available in distinctive tubes perfect for travel. Get yours today at Cigar Country. You'll be happy to see these in your humidor next time you grab a cigar.

Nub Cigars by Tabacalera Oliva Cigar Company come in a variety of wrappers, but each and everyone uses captivating Nicaraguan long-leaf filler tobaccos. Each wrapper lends its own subtle, distinct flavor. Nub Cigars are available in your choice of four wrappers: Connecticut, Cameroon, Habano, or Brazilian. Nub Connecticut is mild, creamy, with nutty nuances and a light, subtly sweet finish. The 92-rated Nub Cameroon delivers delicious tasting notes in a medium strength profile. Nub Habano is a medium to full-bodied premium that boasts an oily, chocolate brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Nub Maduro is a full-bodied powerhouse made with a dark, oily Brazilian wrapper. All expertly crafted by the highly-rated Oliva cigar factory in Nicaragua. Enjoy these truly magnificent flavored short smokes now.

Product Type: Premium handmade

Unique brand attributes: Nub Cigars are rolled in curiously shaped, short, stout formats that pack a flavorful punch. The larger ring gauge delivers a quick and flavorful smoking experience.

Strength profiles: From Mild to Full body and in between

Created in: 2008 Born in: Nicaragua Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua Master Blenders: Studio Tobac Owners: Oliva Cigar Company

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