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H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez

H Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez cigars stand as a testament to the artistry of collaboration and the celebration of a timeless tobacco process. This medium to full-bodied blend is a remarkable creation that draws on the expertise of H. Upmann and the partnership with Jose Mendez, resulting in a unique and captivating smoking experience. At the heart of this blend lies the innovative use of Andullo and Pilotico tobaccos in the filler, a combination that brings a distinctive richness and complexity to the profile. The incorporation of these tobaccos pays homage to the classic Dominican tobacco process native to the island of La Hispaniola, creating a true connection to the roots of the tobacco culture.

Crafted with precision and a commitment to excellence, this blend boasts a Dominican binder and filler that further enhances the blend's depth of flavor. The wrapper, Sumatra in origin, adds an additional layer of complexity and character to the cigar. This collaboration marks the third addition to the esteemed Collaboration range, reflecting a fusion of expertise and a shared passion for creating exceptional cigars. The blend serves as a tribute to the rich history and traditions of Dominican tobacco, all while presenting a modern twist that captivates the palate of today's cigar enthusiasts. For those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind smoking experience, H Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez is a must-try. Its distinctive blend of tobaccos and its homage to the indigenous tobacco process of La Hispaniola make it a standout within the world of premium cigars. As you enjoy each draw, you'll be savoring a blend that represents both the legacy of H. Upmann and the dynamic collaboration with Jose Mendez. Don't miss the chance to indulge in this extraordinary creation that offers a journey through tradition and innovation.


Unique Blend Attributes: Hispaniola by Jose Mendez is a unique blend incorporating Andullo and Pilotico tobacco in the filler.

Strength Profile: Medium to full

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "A delicious cigar. It starts with the taste of apple, slowly revealing a creamy flavor. The hints of black pepper balance out the sweetness."

Accolades: Halfwheel awarded H Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez a 91 point rating.

Made in: La Romana, Dominican Republic

Master Blenders: Grupo de Maestros

Owners: Altadis USA

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