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Foundation Cigar Company

Foundation Cigar Company, founded by Nicholas Melillo and affectionately known as "Nick R. Agua," has carved a distinctive niche in the premium cigar industry. Established in 2015, Foundation Cigar Company swiftly gained recognition for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and a deep-rooted connection to tobacco traditions. Nicholas Melillo's journey in the cigar world started in the lush fields of Connecticut, where he worked at the renowned Drew Estate. Nick's early experiences in tobacco agriculture and his later roles as Executive Vice President and Master Blender at Drew Estate equipped him with a profound understanding of the art and science of cigar making.

In 2015, Nick ventured out to establish Foundation Cigar Company with a mission to create cigars that reflect his passion for the tobacco leaf and its diverse nuances. Foundation Cigar Company is headquartered in Connecticut, which serves as a symbolic homecoming for Nick, given his history in the region. The brand embraces a global perspective, incorporating tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and beyond. One of Foundation's standout creations is the "El Güegüense," a Nicaraguan puro that pays homage to a traditional Nicaraguan folk dance. This cigar received widespread acclaim, reflecting Nick's commitment to blending and rolling techniques that honor the tobacco's origins. Their's portfolio extends to other highly regarded blends like "The Tabernacle," "Charter Oak," and "Highclere Castle," each offering a unique smoking experience. The Highclere Castle Cigar is especially notable for its collaboration with the Carnarvon family, owners of the iconic Highclere Castle in England. Beyond crafting exceptional cigars, Foundation Cigar Company engages in community outreach and supports various charitable initiatives, further solidifying its commitment to making a positive impact.

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