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Crowned Heads Cigars

Crowned Heads Cigars, by Jon Huber, is one of the best brands to arise in the last couple of decades. Hand-rolled and supervised by E.P. Carrillo in the Dominican Republic or at Tabacalera Pichardo in Nicaragua, each cigar is crafted to perfection and stays true to the brand's virtues - excellent flavor, balance, and consistency. They also believe in honoring tradition while continuing to reinvent and modernize. Their blends pay homage to pop culture legends such as Johnny Cash and Eddie Van Halen. Cigars are usually associated with relaxation and calmness - but who says you can't relax and rock on? Buy a box of Crowned Heads Cigars, put on a record, and sit back.

CH Cigars came about in the early 2010s when CAO Cigars faced a merger, leading to its relocation and transformation. Jon Huber, amongst others, took it upon themselves to build the family back up and create the Crowned Heads Cigars brand. Their passion, loyalty, and determination have led them to great success. Many CH Cigars have been rated with over 90 points by Cigar Aficionado, such as Four Kicks, Jericho Hill, and Headley Grange. Even though this brand is relatively new in comparison with other renowned ones, it's here to stay and continue exceeding expectations. Shop now and buy a box of Crowned Heads Cigars!

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