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ACID Krush

ACID Krush tins by Drew Estate is an array of mild to medium-bodied infused small cigars with different wrappers including Red Cameroon, Blue Connecticut, Gold Sumatra, Morado Maduro, and Green Candela. If you want to enjoy the classic ACID flavors without a time commitment, Krush cigarillos are for you.  These 32 x 4" handmade short cigars come in tins of 10 - perfect for the man on the go. Never leave home unprepared and always carry ACID Krush cigars with you - for sale here. Try them all and find your favorite today!

Manufactured in Nicaragua by Drew Estate, ACID Cigars offer a selection of blends for every palate - Krush is one of them. Founded by Jonathon Drew and Marvin Samuel back in the late 90s, college students in New York City at the time, the pair decided to start their own business. With little to no business knowledge and a love of cigars; they ventured off to find out more about how to make and market them as a business for themselves. They then decided to embark on their journey to learn more about cigar rolling in the heart of Nicaragua. This is where their cigars all still come from, providing superior quality in each and every cigar that is rolled. To learn more about the brand, check out their website. Buy ACID Krush cigars by Drew Estate, for sale here!

Blend Details

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars. 

Unique Blend Attributes: ACID Krush tins are the shortest and smaller cigarillos by the brand.

Strength Profile: Mild to medium-bodied. 

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "ACID Krush carries an array of small cigars to suit all needs."

Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua

Master Blender: Willy Herrera

Owners: Drew Estate

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