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What is The Meaning Behind The LFD Acronym?

By Mariana Heredia
What is The Meaning Behind The LFD Acronym?

LFD Acronym

What does LFD stand for? Whether you refer to this cigar delicacy as La Fleur Dominicana, La Flor Dominicana, or by its acronym LFD you’ll be sure to enjoy the rich flavor and quality. With 18 years of experience, La Flor Dominicana has been able to produce premium handmade cigars made from Dominican tobacco flower plants. With a growing brand, they have successfully achieved a lineal structure to their brand. Now you can book a factory tour to enjoy firsthand the making of La Flor Dominicana cigars. See the insides of the factory and learn the true meaning behind LFD.

What is LFD?

LFD is simply the acronym for La Flor Dominicana, hence its meaning is very simple. La Flor Dominicana’s history begins back in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1996. La Flor Dominicana is committed to their quality and consistency serving directly to their customers. Over the years they have grown to develop different portfolios characterized by quality. Each blend, size, and shape of the cigars is able to satisfy every cigar connoisseur’s needs. This is possible due to their high-end consistency and personal supervision during each production step.

If you wish to see for yourself what LFD really stands for you can book a factory tour. Experience first hand what La Flor Dominicana has to offer during the creation of such intricate premium cigars. At Cigar Country you’ll be able to buy your favorite blends by La Flor Dominicana.

Cigar Country

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