Macanudo Toro Collection with Lighter
Macanudo Toro Collection with Lighter

Macanudo Toro Collection with Lighter

Macanudo Toro Collection is a 6 cigar sampler with a promo torch lighter featuring the finest premium Dominican handmade sticks in the brand’s profile. Each has its own unique flavor and blend with strengths ranging from mild to medium. The iconic Macanudo has always been recognized for its quality and consistency, hallmarks that have earned Macanudo its lofty position as America's best-selling premium cigar in tobacco shops. When it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant offerings with exceptional pricing, Macanudo Toro Collection fits the bill. Taste the consistency and smoothness of a Macanudo, and immediately you will know why it’s one of the best handmade cigars available today. Macanudo Toro Collection is made for smokers that are not sure what they are looking for and are open to new experiences. As a matter of fact, this selection is perfect for trying out new cigars without having to commit to a big box purchase. Grab this great offer now and enjoy what promises to be multiple enjoyable smoking experiences.

Macanudo is Latin American Spanish for "great" or "extraordinary". It was created as a front mark or size by the makers of Punch cuban cigars . Later, it was developed into a distinct brand in Jamaica under the leadership of Ramón Cifuentes, the veteran maker of Partagas cuban cigars . Acquired by General Cigar Company in 1969, makers of world-renowned premium brands CAO, La Gloria Cubana, Cohiba, and Partagas. Macanudo Toro Collection has since grown into one of the best selling samplers in the handmade category, and today sold in more than 50 countries in the best cigar shops . The brand even has its own Club Macanudo cigar bars and lounges across America. Macanudo production moved from Jamaica to Santiago, Dominican Republic, in October 2000, where it flourished into the brand we know and love.

Sample your way through the Macanudo Toro Collection lineup to figure out which cigars suit you best. If you fall in love with a particular blend, you can always come back and buy a box of your new favorite. Ideal for traveling, gifting, or just pampering yourself. Buy this iconic Macanudo Assortment today and experience the utmost in quality, consistency, and excellence!

Product Type: Premium handmade

Remarkable product attributes: Macanudo Toro Collection is the perfect way to get to know Macanudo or revisit your favorite smokes. Makes for a great gift that includes a free torch lighter .

Strength profile: Assorted Mild to Medium body

Created in: 1960s Born in: Jamaica Made in: Santiago, Dominican Republic Master Blenders: Jhonys Diaz & Yuri Guillen Owners: General Cigar Company

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Macanudo Toro Collection with Lighter

$1000Box of 200