Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto
Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto
Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto is named after the process in which the entire tobacco plant is chopped at the base and hung by its stalk to cure in a barn. This harvesting method brings out all of the tobacco's deep rich flavors. Tabacalera de Garcia's legendary master blenders have revamped the classic Henry Clay brand with a bold blend featuring Dominican and Nicaraguan vintage tobaccos and the rare stalk-cut Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Stalk Cut Robusto is a modernized full-bodied version of the original Henry Clay blend. The skilled artisans behind this Maduro smoke have created a true powerhouse marvel. You owe it to yourself to experience these beauties.

Henry Clay, originally crafted in the Havana factory rendered on the box, was named after a 19th century American Senator. Today the brand is manufactured by Tabacalera de Garcia in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto cigars are handcrafted at the world’s largest premium cigar factory. Blended by the legendary Grupo de Maestros, makers of world-renowned brands such as Monte Cristo , Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, and VegaFina. Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto comes packaged in steel gray boxes holding 20 of these luxury cigars. All Henry Clay Robusto cigar boxes preserve factory freshness with two-way humidity control boveda packs ; this means you receive your cigars in optimum conditions. You'll be happy to see these in your humidor next time you grab a cigar.

Product Type: Premium handmade

Remarkable product attributes: Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto is a reinvigorated full-bodied version of the original cuban classic Maduro Henry Clay.

Strength profile: Full body

Master Blender Tasting Notes: Complex notes of leather, earth, dark chocolate, coffee bean, leather,  exotic spice, and a warm, delicate aroma.

Accolades: Cigar Aficionado 92 point rating Created in: 1840 as cuban cigars Blend released: 2016 Born in: Cuba Made in: La Romana, Dominican Republic Master Blenders: Grupo de Maestros Owners: Altadis USA

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    Stalk Cut

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    Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

  • Binder

    Dominican Republic

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    Connecticut Broadleaf

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    Dominican Republic

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Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto

$1000Box of 200