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Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill

Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill is a price-less, full-flavored cigar inspired by the DR. It receives its name from the region of Yamasa in the Dominican Republic. This beautiful area stands out due to its ideal growing climate and mineral-rich soil. However, it was once unfit for tobacco growth. After years of study, the master blenders and agricultural scientists transformed this region into tobacco farms. Moreover, this unique creation has led to an exceptional formation and division of flavors within the cigar. With a 90 point rating, Yamasa is part of Davidoff Black Pillar that offers 3 different section flavor combinations in one cigar. You'll be able to feel a mix of dried fruits, spices, coffee, cedarwood, and notes of black pepper. What are you waiting for to buy Davidoff Yamasa?

In a Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill cigar, each section is carefully selected and has a building character smoke. This Petit Churchill is 48 x 4" in size. It starts with a scent of amaretto and some raisins and gradually enlightening aromas of nuts, earth, and some leather. Most of the exciting flavors are in the aftertaste, a special characteristic that makes the cigar desirable—quite a different aftertaste represented in each section, but no less interesting than the one before. Without a doubt, a complex and magical smoking experience that persists the need to let it rest. Unquestionably, the black-ringed, price-less Davidoff Yamasa surpasses the white-ringed ones, as long as you are a fan of the strongest cigars. Enjoy the Davidoff Yamasa, available at Cigar Country!


Remarkable Product Attributes: Davidoff Yamasa features Piloto, Mejorado, Condega, and Esteli tobacco.

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "A deep, complex blend slowly revealing a variety of unique flavors, with a mixture of sweetness likewise spicy flavor."

Accolades: Cigar Dojo awarded Davidoff Yamasa with a 95 point rating.

Furthermore, if you are interested in other sizes in this blend, please visit Davidoff Yamasa. To view all blends by this brand, check out Davidoff Cigars. However, for a bigger-sized cigar check out Yamasa Piramides. Lastly, to return to the homepage, click here.

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    Davidoff Yamasa

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    Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

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    Dominican Republic

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Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill

$1000Box of 200