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4 Tips for Choosing a Humidor 

By Francina Alvarez
4 Tips for Choosing a Humidor 

Choosing a humidor

A humidor is an ideal accessory for proper cigar storage. Providing the right temperature and controlled humidity, they are a must-have for long-time storage. If you’re looking for help with choosing a humidor, you’re at the right place. Certainly, there’s a wide diversity of options when selecting the right one. Depending on your necessities, there are different types of them to fit your request. The prices may vary based on the materials, the quality, and the amount of storage needed. Some may classify them as an expensive humidor or a nonexpensive one. Check out our tips on how to choose a good cigar humidor.

1. The ideal design

First, make sure you are choosing the humidor material that is best for you. Humidors are made of an array of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, and more. What material it’s made of will affect the price – higher quality will always lead to a higher price. Certainly, you won’t want to store premium cigars in a sub-premium environment. To learn more about the types of humidors, read our article “Cigars 101: The Best Humidor.”

2. The right size

Secondly, you must keep in mind that you’ll risk your stack if you choose the wrong size (either too big or too small). Thus, you won’t be able to properly maintain the temperature or the humidity levels required. If your humidor is too small, you’ll have to cram them together, which could affect their flavor. However, if it’s too large, the cigar could absorb all the extra humidity rather than keep them in optimal condition.

3. A tight seal

Thirdly, make sure that your humidor has a tight seal. Think about it this way: a humidor without a tight seal is similar to a fridge with no lid -it wouldn’t be able to provide and keep the necessary temperature. If you’re looking forward to learning more about the ideal temperature to store your cigars, check out “Best Way to Keep Your Humidor at 70“.

4. Price

Cheap humidors are being spotted everywhere, they’ll probably last a few months before they go bad. A great tip to differentiate a cheap one from an expensive humidor is to watch out for the price. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a cheap one. Don’t risk choosing a cheap humidor, that could lead to taking a risk damaging your collection.

Quality and materials always come into consideration when you are about to purchase them. The type of wood you choose is very important; it impacts the availability of retaining moisture and temperature. A perfect example of the best cigar humidor is the Spanish cedar humidor, very popular and provides the ideal insulation for your cigars. Cigar Country actually sells a couple of humidors, check them out!

Choosing a humidor with Cigar Country

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