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Tobacco History in the Dominican Republic

By Mariana Heredia
Tobacco History in the Dominican Republic

Whilst smoking your favorite stogie you may have questioned yourself where did this cigar come from? Truth is that different environmental factors alternate tobacco plants’ aroma and taste. However, let’s focus on the production of tobacco in the Dominican Republic and how they got there. There is so much to know and understand about this wonderful tobacco plant that brings joy to many cigar smokers, especially if you’re a fan of Dominican cigars. With a twist of Spanish vocab let’s take a look at the history of tobacco plants in the Dominican Republic, their use, and how they have grown to become the best of tobacco in the world. The history and production of tobacco in the country are extensive.

Tobacco production history

The 19th century marks the beginning of the cigar industry in the colonies. Concurrently, a multitude of small businesses was born in Cuba to produce handmade cigars. During this period the first premium brands are born such as Cabañas y Carvajal, Romeo y Julieta, La Gloria Cubana, and many more. Later on by 1959, the outcome of the revolution led to a massive exodus of Cubans. This included families whose business and riches were tied to the cigar industry. For instance, they fled to countries with the necessary conditions to produce the best tobacco plants. To no surprise, Dominican Republic became home to many of these tobacco crops.

historia del tabaco en republica dominicana
Dominican Republic on the world map

The history of the tobacco plant in the Dominican Republic led to the foundation of the Tobacco Institute. This was created in 1960-1962 to protect and develop the production of tobacco in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, they focused on promoting the production and exports of handmade cigars. Due to the cigar mass increase, Gulf & Western Corporation alongside Central Romana opened Zona Franca 1 in the Dominican Republic. Zona Franca 1 was the first industrial tax-free zone in the country. Later on by 1993-1997, the Cigar Boom took place. Conditions were more than perfect, having good fertile lands, quality products, and tobacco tradition placed Dominican premium cigars at an advantage on international markets.

The best tobacco in the world

Tobacco Production in the Dominican Republic is at its peak and only seems to be growing every day. This tobacco plant has now established itself in the DR and gained global popularity. Influenced by their unique flavor and aroma to produce high-quality handmade cigars. This is reflected on Dominican cigar brands by successfully placing themselves several times on the #1 spot and receiving awards like “Cigar of the year”. Furthermore, if you wish to learn about top Dominican cigars you should read this article.

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