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Davidoff Around the World: Germany

By Mariana Heredia
Davidoff Around the World: Germany

Are you in Germany and want to buy some Davidoff cigars? Keep on reading to learn more about German cigar shops!

Comfortable and Inviting 

A cigar lounge is like a second home to people that like cigars. They spend a lot of time here. Therefore, it has to be comfortable. A comfortable and relaxing atmosphere only adds on to the experience of the visitor. Cigars, unlike cigarettes, cannot be consumed quickly. If you smoke a cigar in a hassle, it would end up getting overheated and lose all its flavor. Therefore, the lounge has to be comfortable enough that people can easily indulge themselves in an immersive cigar experience


Ventilation is a great concern for both smokers and shop owners. A good cigar lounge would always have a good ventilation system as it would ensure that all the smoke goes up the exhaust. Moreover, it would also keep the cigars safe from any sort of humidity. If not properly ventilated, a place like this can get suffocating and would eventually get stained due to all the smoke gathering up inside. 


The staff plays a vital role in dealing with the customer. While a lounge may have all kinds of cigars that ever existed, if the staff is not friendly and knowledgeable, they would ruin the experience of the customer walking into the lounge. A good staff would not only provide you with the cigar you want but would also recommend newer options that suit your taste. 

If you are in Germany, you should definitely visit the following lounges and you may find Davidoff cigars;

Casa del Habano

If you are in Germany then this cigar place is a must-go. It has a wide selection of cigars and has a great lounge, somewhat similar to as mentioned above.

Zigarren Herzog am Hafen

While the name can get tough, this place is great if you are looking for an upscale lounge. It has all the cigars you might want and an extremely comfortable environment.

ZR Zigarren Reich 

This is a more modern place but has a great collection of cigars and can prove to be a very social point for the younger generation that likes cigars.

If you are someone that likes to try a new cigar every now and then, Davidoff Cigars is something you should try while in Germany. They are a premium brand based in Switzerland and have some of the finest cigars. A top seller from their lineup is the Davidoff Dominicana Robusto. It has a unique taste and a strong pleasant smell that can lead you to have a different experience altogether. 

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