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Davidoff Around the World: Chattanooga, Tennessee

By Mariana Heredia
Davidoff Around the World: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Are you in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and looking for a store to buy and a lounge to smoke Davidoff cigars? An expected 50 million people in the United States alone consistently light up a cigar or cigarette. While most smoke standard-quality items — which don’t come modest — some take their smoking ceremonies to another level, following through on a heavy cost for the extravagance and unwinding that smoking can give.

Davidoff Cigars is a luxurious brand situated in Basel, Switzerland, with many years of craftsmanship inserted into every cigar. Their tobacco plants fill in the ideal circumstances in the Dominican Republic – the best temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, prolific soil, and the ideal blend of sun and rain. Davidoff focuses on just utilizing the best tobacco avoids – just 1 with regards to each ten plant seeds are adequate for a Davidoff cigar! Likewise, they will generally reap three primary sorts of tobacco leaves: Olor Dominicano, Piloto Cubano, and a Cuban-strain San Vicente. Cigars craftsman then hand-roll every stogie flawlessly. 

Davidoff in Chattanooga

If you’re in Chattanooga, you need to visit the Davidoff lounge located at Burns, an authorized Davidoff retailer. Here, you’ll find an array of Davidoff blends and cigars that will blow your mind. Walk through their humidors and take in the beauty of Davidoff cigars.

You can also buy Davidoff cigars online through Cigar Country! Cigar Country offers blends such as Davidoff Aniversario. Davidoff Aniversario series stogies are mild to medium-bodied, ideal for unique events. It includes an agreeable blend of Dominican long-filler tobacco and an Ecuadorian wrapper. Cedar and zest can be tasted with each puff; notes of cowhide, dark pepper, and nuts swirl all around. In addition, the stogie closes with a smooth, lingering flavor. You can transform any second into an extraordinary event with Davidoff’s Anniversary cigars.

About Cigar Country

Located in the heart of the Dominican Republic’s tourist region (halfway between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo). Our 2,000+ square feet humidor features the finest handmade Dominican cigars from the most respected manufacturers in the world. Cigar Country’s Experts will guide you through the VegaFina cigar-making experience and assist you in choosing the right cigar for you. Whether it’s for your personal consumption or gifting, we have the widest selection you will ever find at the best DUTY FREE prices. You will feel at home in our cozy lounging areas and notoriously friendly staff. Hope to have you visit soon. You can also call, chat, or email to contact Cigar Country!