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What is a Cigar Humidor? What Are the Different Types?

By Mariana Heredia
What is a Cigar Humidor? What Are the Different Types?

Proper cigar storage is essential for the health care of your cigars. Cigars require precisely controlled temperature and moisture levels to keep them fresh for long-term storage, and without a humidor, you just won’t be able to keep them at the right humidity. Extreme weather conditions will reduce their life span to less than a week, leaving you with a dry stick. An easy way to prevent this is having proper storage such as a humidor. Just like cigars, there are different types of humidors varying in price and necessities. Cigar Cabinet, Spanish Cedar, Savoy, Jars, and Napoleon humidors are just a couple of prime examples. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them and see which one suits you best!

Spanish Cedar Humidor

Spanish cedar is considered the highest quality of wood that can be used within a humidor. Incorporating these components into the interior of your cigar humidor has several benefits, including:

  • Supports the cigar ageing process.
  • Provides protection from tobacco worms through the cedar’s special odoriferous quality.
  • High humidity absorption capacity to ensure a stable climate
spanish cedar humidor

Cigar Humidor Cabinet

This type of humidor is ideal for tobacco stores, cigar shops, or serious cigar enthusiasts. Built with Spanish Cedar, humidor cabinets typically store about 1,000-5,000 cigars. Offering extra shelves for the ideal storage.

  • Hold anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 cigars
  • Cabinet humidors are beautifully crafted
  • It imparts its aroma to cigars
cigar humidor cabinet

Savoy Humidor

A twist to your basic humidor. The see-through glass in the Savoy humidor gives you instant access to your cigars without the need to open them. This way you’ll always know what’s inside.

  • Equipped with a humidification source and a reliable hygrometer.
  • Exclusive handcrafted humidors
  • Made in a variety of sizes to choose from
savoy humidor

Humidor Jar

A small and practical humidor to keep at the office. The cigar jar humidors are crafted by heavy acrylic, boast an airtight seal, and come fully equipped with a humidification system hidden inside. This ensures 25 of your finest cigars are protected in the right environment.

  • Airtight to keep your cigars fresh
  • Reliable and easy to move
  • Suitable for new cigar smokers
humidor jar
humidor jar

Napoleon Humidor

This sleek wooden humidor is able to store your cigars to the next level. With the ability to store up to 150 cigars, this 3-drawer, inlay display-top humidor is a great choice for your cigar stash. Napoleon humidor stands out due to its different series that cigar enthusiasts can choose from.

  • Offers more storage
  • Sepperate storage drawers
  • Small and practical!
napoleon humidor

Cigar Country

At Cigar Country we are all about quality. That’s why when shipping your cigars we use Boveda 2-way humidity control. Delivering your cigars the way they are meant to be experienced – carefully crafted for your maximum enjoyment. Established in 2000, Cigar Country has grown to become the Dominican Republic’s premier Tobacconist, delivering our curated portfolio of cigars to happy customers around the world. Our Cigar Country Megastore is by far the largest premium cigar store in the Caribbean. The expansive 2,000+ square feet humidor features the finest handmade cigars from the most respected manufacturers in the world. Cigar Country stands out due to its excellent customer service and top-quality products. Trust us for the best gifts, on fathers day your dad will love them!

If you have more questions about how humidors work or the different types, please reach out to Cigar Country via the contact form or live chat.