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Cigar Factories

Dominican Republic Cigar Factory Tours: Schedule Today!

By Connor
Dominican Republic Cigar Factory Tours: Schedule Today!

If you are staying in Santiago, Punta Cana, or La Romana, Dominican Republic, you can pick out cigar factories to tour such as La Aurora, LFD, Davidoff, and many others. The DR is so much more than coffee, beautiful beaches, and rum. This fascinating country offers various activities for the whole family. Especially cigar smokers as the DR is known to be the “Cigar Country”. Therefore cigar fans have a long list of cigar factory tours to visit in the Dominican Republic. This article will help you book a tour through Cigar Country and select your ideal dates for each factory. Let’s explore the options.

cigar factory tour

Cigar Tours in La Romana & Punta Cana

Tabacalera de Garcia

tabacaleria de garcia logo

Tabacalera de García is one of the largest handmade cigar factories that you can tour in La Romana – and it’s super close to Punta Cana. They are responsible for the production of cigar brands like Don Diego, Santa Damiana, Trinidad, Por Larranaga, Romeo y Julieta. As well as the Cuban brands, H.Upmann and Montecristo, now manufactured in the Dominican Republic. The production of tens of millions of cigars is achievable due to their efficiency, and skilled craftsmanship.

Try H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Corona

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

H Upmann 1844 Reserve cigars


vegafina logo

VegaFina is one of the world’s best-considered premium cigars. VegaFina takes its name from the “Vegas Finas” (Fine plains), unique lands where sunshine, moisture, and soil composition combine perfectly to grow the most exclusive tobacco leaves. The excellence of VegaFina cigars is due to a long, meticulous process where only the best tobaccos are combined, following the centuries-old tradition of tobacco rolling artisans.

box of vegafina 1998 vf 54 cigars

Try VegaFina 1998 VF 54

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador

Cigar Tours in Santiago

When visiting Santiago in the Dominican Republic, an essential visit for cigar fans would be booking a tour of the following factories:

La Flor Dominicana

factory tour dominican republic

La Flor Dominicana’s success story begins with little money and even less experience, they began the pursuit of their dream. Their Tabacalera La Flor, in the Santiago Dominican Republic, has expanded over the years. Certainly, the company has grown and expanded but still remains home to all of its manufacturing operations. It has allowed complete control over the quality, but it has also allowed for creativity and innovation to flourish. They began with El Jocko and continued with the Mysterio, the Digger, and the Chisel, the only cigar shape to ever receive a patent.

Try La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Reserva Especial El Jocko Maduro

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf, Maduro

La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Reserva Especial El Jocko Maduro

La Aurora

cigar factories in dominican republic

La Aurora is the first Dominican cigar factory. Founded in 1903 in Cibao Valley, Santiago, and the second-largest city in the Dominican Republic. A clear example of tradition preserved through generations. Since then La Aurora established a solid tradition in cigar making in a country known, for high-quality tobacco. La Aurora handmakes premium cigar brands like Leon Jimenes, Imperiales, Principes, Guillermo Leon Family Reserve, and more.

La Aurora 1903 Edition Connecticut Robusto OPEN

Try La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Sapphire Connecticut Robusto

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Cigar Factories With No Tours in the DR


Davidoff Cigars Logo

Try Davidoff Aniversario Special T

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador

Davidoff Aniversario Special t open box

We begin this second list with Tabadom Holding a subsidiary of the well-known Oettinger Davidoff based in Switzerland. A family business dedicated to producing, marketing, distributing, and retailing handmade cigars, tobacco products, and accessories. With a base in the Dominican Republic and Honduras to its global network of 70 Davidoff Flagship Stores and strong appointed merchants. In their factory tour, you can appreciate making the following cigars: Davidoff, Avo, Griffin’s, Zino, Winston Churchill, Cusano, Belrive, and many more.

General Cigar Company

General Cigar Dominicana, which is a division of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Characterized by their manufactured and market handcrafted cigars for the premium market. General Cigar Dominican is committed to producing the finest cigars like Macanudo, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, and several other leading premium brands.


cigar factory in the dominican republic

The Quesada family originate in Cuba and started off as leaf brokers. Due to the unstable situation in Cuba, they decided to relocate to the Dominican Republic. With time they became involved in manufacturing cigars which led to the new era of Quesada cigars. Their consistency and pride in work have produced fine cigars like Fonseca, Regius, Cubita, Alameda, La Primera, and El Camino Dominicano.

De Los Reyes

Mindful to the family traditions, of five generations, in the tobacco harvest, De Los Reyes Cigars have established themselves as top cigar makers. By producing excellent leaves using unique rich soil, they allow themselves the pleasure of rolling exquisite cigars capable of satisfying the palate of the most demanding of connoisseurs. Some of our prestigious brands are Don Julio, Saga, Arsen, Puro de Hostos, and others.

Tabacalera La Alianza

carillo cigars logo

Tabacalera La Alianza is owned by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. He is an industry veteran who has dedicated over 40 years to his craft. Additionally, his hard work has produced manufacturers some of the highest-rated cigars in the world including E.P. Carrillo, INCH series, New Wave Connecticut, and more.

Tabacalera Palma

tabacalera palma logo

Tabacalera Palma’s story begins in the mid-19th century when a Spaniard named José Manuel Blanco Lozada moves to the Dominican Republic. With time they have developed and improved tobacco growing, harvesting, curing, and processing techniques. Hence, this has been reflected in their amazing cigars such as La Galera, Aging room, Matilde, Cezar Bronner, and more. Nowadays Tabacalera Palma is a vibrant enterprise with a positive impact on the community. Moreover, the company contributes directly via employment to many citizens and also supports various charities.

PDR Cigars

PDR cigar logo factory tour

Finally, PDR Cigars is led by Dominican Master Blender Abe Flores. His work has produced some of the most highly acclaimed cigars in the world. Within we can mention: A. Flores 1975, Small Batch Reserve, PDR 1878 Roast Cafe, El Trovador, and more. PDR is committed to making the finest cigars as evident on top-scored sticks and by being one of the youngest boutique factories.

What are you waiting for? Book your factory tour today and enjoy the fascinating aroma of tobacco.

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