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Mild-Bodied Samplers

Mild cigar samplers are a perfect way to experiment with different cigars before settling on one that suits your palate. However, in this Holy Grail search, the strength of the cigars you are most comfortable with is very important. The strength profile of most samplers tends to be an assortment, with lots of mixing and matching. For starters, in search of mellow cigars, here are a few samplers with a predominantly mild cigar population: Davidoff Tubos Assortment is a sampler box consisting of the best mild cigars by the Dominican Republic brand. They are perfect as gifts for traveling or rewarding yourself for ticking off that goal. Each box contains the Davidoff Signature, the Davidoff Aniversario, and the Davidoff Classic No. 2 Tubo. These are part of the lineups dubbed the “White Label.” They bless your palate with creamy, nutty, and mellow flavors. Try a mild cigar sampler pack today!

Don Lucas Robusto Sampler is another mild cigar sampler. It comes in wooden boxes to protect the cigars. Each box contains 1 Robusto H.S., 1 Robusto Classic, 1 Short Robusto A.L.F., 1 Robusto A.L.M. Maduro, and 1 Robusto A.L.F. This family-owned brand prioritizes “quality over quantity,” making the few Don Lucas cigars sought after. This sampler allows you to enjoy these mellow notes inside a single box. Leon Jimenes Prestige Assortment is another box of 3 mild cigars. This collection contains one Robusto (5 x 50), one Corona (5 x 38), and one Churchill (7 x 47) from the Leon Jimenes Prestige line. All packed in a sophisticated black tube. Try a mellow cigar sampler!

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