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Full Strength Samplers

A full-bodied cigar sampler contains a high amount of nicotine and has the densest smoke. Full-bodied cigar samplers are also highly intense with flavors (usually full-flavored) and well-balanced to give a desirable experience. Only seasoned smokers with years of experience can handle their boldness. The body reacts to full-bodied samplers due to their high nicotine contents. This varies from person to person, from flushness, and nausea, to light-headedness. If you're not accustomed to full-strength cigars, you may want to start with mild or medium-bodied smokes and make your way up.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) Sampler is a perfect example. The samplers come in a well-decorated black box. The cigars are dark in color and are elegantly wrapped in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with Dominican fillers and binders. The cigars are extensively fermented to achieve a full strength profile. They give a full-flavored experience with background notes of spices, earth, cedar, leather, and espresso beans. You will find one each of a VSG - Wizard, Robusto, Torpedo, Sorcerer, and Eclipse. Fuente Opus X Oro Oscuro Sampler also contains full-bodied cigars and can be quite rare. It contains: Fuente Fuente (3),Reserva d’ Chateau (3), Fuente Fuente (3), Perfecxion X (3), Robusto (3), and Perfecxion #4 (3). So buy this sampler today if you are lucky enough to find it in stock!

To dip your feet in the realm of full-bodied cigars, browse through our sampler’s collection today. Explore all of our machine made and handmade cigars! Check out all samplers. Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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