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Samplers $150+

Cigar samplers over $150 are the real deal. They are exotic, invaluable, and fancy. They call for attention with their elegant vitola and priceless smoothness. Cigar samplers in this category are often boxed with cedar or mahogany to depict their exorbitance. The boxes are beautifully built to give cigar lovers a visually irresistible longing. These samplers are reserved for cigar aficionados that know the true worth of a good smoking experience. The experiences you'd get from these cigars are incomparable, and when paired with a glass of your favorite whiskey or rum, be sure you'd have a magical experience.

Arturo Fuente Big Papo Collection is the first on the list of these samplers over $150. The elegantly boxed sampler of 10 is rare and of limited production. It contains the best blends the brand has to offer. You will find two of Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfection A, Hemingway Masterpiece Natural, Hemingway Masterpiece Maduro, Anejo Reserva No. 49, and Opus X Angel's Share Reserva d'Chateau. Fuente Fuente OpusX Oro Oscuro Sampler is another priceless masterpiece from the Fuente family. The attractive yellowish box contains 15 pricey blends, all made from 100% estate-grown Chateau de la Fuente tobacco leaves. The dark chocolatey Puro Dominican cigars are full-bodied with tasting notes of cedar, cinnamon, nuts, earth, and pepper. You will find three each of Fuente Fuente (5⅝ x 50), Reserva d’ Chateau (4 x 48), Perfecxion X (6¼ x 48), Robusto (5¼ x 50), and Perfecxion No 4 (5 ¼ x 48). Each cigar has a golden ribbon, the OpusX band, and another band with "Destino al Siglo."

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