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Pyramid Cigars

Pyramid or Piramide cigars are sharply tapered Figurados with wide open feet and a pointed head shape. They traditionally have a dimension of 6 and 7 inches and a ring gauge that tapers from the foot to the head. The girth can range from 52 to 54 at the foot to as small as 40 at the head. These cigars are similar to the Belicoso and Torpedo. However, they have a unique characteristic—gradual tapering that starts from the foot to the head, creating the “pyramid” cigar size and shape. There are no swollen centers, and the foot is usually pre-cut for easy lighting.

Piramides, as they are often alternatively spelled, are perfect for cigar connoisseurs who seek an added intensity in flavors. The narrowed head concentrates and intensifies smoke as it passes into your mouth. This design creates a concentration of flavors that build in intensity throughout your smoking session. The shape also draws out deep complexities from the tobacco blends it houses. This structure allows more flavor complexity to melt in your mouth as you smoke. Although these cigars are an excellent choice for long smoking sessions by seasoned smokers, this intensity and duration could challenge those just starting their smoking journey.

This classic Pyramid Figurado shape is part of the portfolio of different premium cigar brands. Davidoff Yamasa Piramides, Padron Anniversario Serie 1964 Pyramide Maduro, and La Galera Imperial Jade Piramide are famous examples. Please browse our cigar collection today to discover Piramides to launch you into the exclusive world of Figurados. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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