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Giant Cigars

Giant cigars or Gigante are cigars with at least a length of 8 inches and a ring gauge of 50 upwards. Although, the true definition of a giant cigar varies from brand to brand. What is certain is that cigars of this size live up to the expectations of those who dare pick up the challenge. Giant cigars are rolled to satisfy the craving of the most demanding smokers as they are generously stuffed with tobacco. Experts also find room to experiment with a mixture of rich leaves in the core. They also feature an incredibly cool and perfect draw due to the massive width of these cigars. Try a Giant cigar today - for sale at Cigar Country.

The smoking time of giant cigars is audacious. Do not light one of these up if you don’t have enough time as some can burn for close to 4 hours. This burn time makes these huge cigars perfect for a day on the golf course or an all-day fishing trip. You can use a stick of these gems to keep your company during the long haul of the super bowl. However, the size can be quite intimidating to newbie smokers. However, Gigante cigars can be quite rare. The few premium brands that dare produce them do so in limited amounts. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Masterpiece is 9 inches by 52 ring gauge at its widest point. It is only made in small limited quantities. Padrón Magnum is another example of a giant cigar for sale. It is the biggest cigar in the Padrón portfolio and sports an impressive 9 inches by 50 rings.

You can find the perfect giant cigar in our portfolio. Spend the whole evening puffing away. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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