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Double Toro Cigars

Double Toro size cigars are about 6 to 7 inches long with a 60-ring gauge. Some brands call their Double Toro cigars Gordo—a Spanish word that translates to fat. Terminologies aside, these are huge cigars and they are quite rare. The few brands that make Double Toro do so as statement pieces. They are fascinating! Picture this, hanging out in the country club with a 7 inches long and 1-inch wide Double Toro hanging off your lips. Like Toros, the wrapper plays a more subtle role in the flavor profile of these cigars. Complex wrapper notes blended with the interior core continuously hit the palate for over 2 hours. The flexibility also allows the experimentation of various leaves to fill the cigar’s core.

Also, perfect cold draws characterize these groups of cigars. The sheer size reduces the heat of the smoke before it hits your mouth. However, all these goodies translate to an expensive price tag. They are preferred by cigar aficionados who seek a longer smoking experience than the one offered by regular Toros. These cigars are perfect for visiting the golf course or an evening at the casino. Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro provides the leather and earth notes from the Nicaraguan fillers and wrappers over hours. Oliva Serie V Double Toro is another by the Oliva brand. Without a doubt, the strongest and fullest cigar by the brand. Try a Double Toro size cigar today!

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