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3 Finger Ashtrays

The indentations or stirrups on ashtrays are not just for holding cigars; they can influence the whole design of the ashtray. Although not as popular as the even-numbered ashtrays, 3 fingers ashtray are a gem. Also, you may capitalize on the often ingenious designs for decorations; you do not need to be a puffer to own one. They come in various sizes, colors, and materials. Because of the asymmetry, triangular shapes are common in this group. The number of fingers does not determine their cost as they often range from low-cost to costly.

One such premium 3-finger ashtray is the Biarritz ashtray. It features a triangular design, each size about 7 inches long. The ash bowl is 1 inch deep, enough to hold your ashes without hurrying off to dispose of them. The ash bowl is also gold-plated to add extra class to your man-cave. The Shield Antique Silver ashtray is another 3 stirrup ashtray guaranteed to earn you some cheeky reviews. It is both eye-pleasing and efficient. It has an elaborate embroidered pattern on top of the shield shape. It also measures about 6.7x4.7x1.3 inches in dimensions, enough room for the team. The bottom of the zinc alloy also features a soft velvet to protect whatever the ashtray is placed on.

If you want to step up your cigar smoking experience with some incredibly designed 3-finger ashtray, browse our collection. We have the perfect piece with your name on it. While you're here, check out all of the ashtrays and cigar accessories available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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