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Partagas Cigars

Jamie Partagas founded Partagas Cigars in 1845 in Cuba. Nevertheless, it was Cigar Masters Ramón Cifuentes and Ramón Cifuentes, Jr. that made it the leading Cuban cigar. For years, their premium Cuban cigars were some of the bestsellers in the world. But in 1961, Ramón Cifuentes fled Cuba, never to return. General Cigar Company relaunched Partagas in 1978 in the USA. Today, these cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic. Although they are in a new home, this brand never forgot its Cuban roots. Light one up, and you’ll taste a robust blend of sweet natural tobacco. These cigars are smooth and balanced, making them perfect for any time of the day. Check out all of the blends and find which one is right for you!

Rich in history as well as cigars, Partagas 1845 from Cuba is now known as one of the world's oldest cigar brands, carefully crafted by General Cigar Co. in the Dominican Republic. Partagas continues to be synonymous with top-quality handmade cigars. Today, Partagas features a diverse lineup of blends, complete with a strong reputation built on their rich character and well-balanced flavors. Partagas Black Label is a perfect example of their prowess in full-bodied premiums. It received a stellar 90-rating for its bold flavor, developing a rich, earthy character and nutty taste. At the end of the day, any Partagas stick is well worth trying. Buy them today, available at Cigar Country.

Too many choices? Please narrow your search by using our filter options. If you are looking for great medium-bodied Partagas, you might want to try the popular Original Blend Classic. If you enjoy more powerful smokes, go for the critically acclaimed Black Label instead. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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