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Leon Jimenes Cigars

Leon Jimenes Cigars are handcrafted by La Aurora factory, the oldest cigar company in the Dominican Republic. Although the cigar factory surfaced in 1903, they introduced these handmade cigars in 1953 in honor of the founder and his brother. Due to the Connecticut wrapper leaf’s growing fondness throughout the first half of the century, La Aurora designed a blend with it for the Leon Jimenes cigars brand. Since then, cigar lovers consider it a relentlessly consistent blend from one of the world’s premier cigar factories. This particular cigar brand excels in woody and nutty tastes with a touch of cocoa. Add one of these beautiful Dominican vintage cigars to your collection.

At Leon Jimenes cigars company, they craft each cigar by hand with light Connecticut shade leaf wrappers draping the exterior. Additionally, they make the filler using a well-aged recipe of Dominican long-leaf tobaccos that grow in El Cibao - where the Dominican Republic’s most fertile valley exists. These meticulously constructed cigars result in a consistently flavorful, medium-bodied taste. If you like smooth and elegant smokes, you’ll love this blend. The pleasant aroma will enamor you and everyone around you. They are easy on the eyes, palate, and wallet. Moreover, they are a perfect complement to a glass of sweet rum. Not only affordable but also luxurious, available here at Cigar Country.

There are several blends under this cigar brand. If you prefer a leathery taste with fruity notes, Leon Jimenes Prestige is for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a woody taste with nutty notes, choose Leon Jimenes Connecticut. For an aged and fuller cigar, choose Leon Jimenes 300 Series, and for an even fuller and more aged cigar, choose Leon Jimenes Doble Maduro. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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