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Deadwood Tobacco Company

Step into the extraordinary realm of Deadwood Tobacco Company cigars, where the art of cigar-making transcends the ordinary, offering enthusiasts an unforgettable and uniquely flavored smoking experience. These exceptional cigars are masterfully crafted by Drew Estate, a name synonymous with innovation, quality, and an unyielding dedication to delivering unparalleled flavors. Originally known as "Three Yummy Bitches," Drew Estate never fails to impress or surprise with their cigar names. Meticulously rolled, each cigar ensures a perfect draw and an even burn, providing aficionados with the quintessential smoking pleasure. The selection of wrapper, binder, and filler is a careful orchestration, harmonizing to create a smoke that transcends the status quo—it's not just a cigar; it's an artistic expression.

The variety offered by Deadwood Tobacco Company cigars is as diverse as the flavors themselves. Ranging from the rich and bold Leather Rose to the sweet and aromatic Crazy Alice, these cigars cater to a broad spectrum of preferences. Whether one seeks an intense, full-bodied experience or a milder, more nuanced indulgence, Deadwood cigars have a blend tailored to satisfy every palate. Pick your favorite girl and go! The packaging, too, is a visual narrative, adding to the overall aesthetic pleasure and complementing the sensory journey that awaits within. Each stick features a different design to represent its name. Deadwood cigars invite enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary adventure. To indulge in Deadwood Tobacco Company cigars is not merely to smoke; it's to experience a journey beyond the ordinary, where each puff tells a story of flavor, artistry, and the exceptional.


Unique Blend Attributes: All of the cigars feature different blends and crazy names!

Strength Profile: Assorted

Accolades: Deadwood Tobacco Company cigars have received many positive reviews.

Made in: Nicaragua

Master Blender: Willy Herrera

Owners: Drew Estate

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