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Ashton Cigarillos

Ashton Cigarillos are made with a great mix of Dominican fillers and a Cameroon wrapper for a classic taste. These smoky yet slightly sweet cigars with flavors of cinnamon and cedar will entice all enthusiasts. The Ashton Cigarillos are 3.75 x 26 in size and are ideal for any occasion. Another fantastic cigar you should include in your humidor right away!

Ashton Cigarillos' premium combination of truly Dominican tobacco hand-rolled in a toasty smooth, mellow, naturally sweet Cameroon wrapper leaf to make your next quick smoke session truly enjoyable. These high-quality, handcrafted beauties come in a convenient, travel-friendly package. So, don't be left in the dark; order some Ashton cigarillos right away!

Ashton Cigarillos open on both sides; hence, you don't need to cut them. One end somewhat tapered, and this is the one you put in your mouth. As soon as it's lighted, the unique Cameroon blend awakens the palate with bracing, woody aromas. Ashton Cigarillos (Small Cigars) have a particular intensity since they burn quickly and are thinner.

Ashton products are well renowned for featuring outstanding flavor, unique craftsmanship, and excellent burn, and their Cigarillos are no exception.

Cigarillos a great choice, especially when you want to brighten your mood with quick smoke with your coffee in the morning. So, don't wait any longer; add a few Cigarillos to your next order and enjoy the excellent flavor with no effort.

Blend Details

Blend Type: Premium handmade cigars.

Remarkable Blend Attributes: Dominican filler tobacco, Cameroon wrapper

Strength Profile: Mild-Medium

Master Blender Tasting Notes: Notes of nutmeg, wood, cocoa, and spice.

Created in: No info

Made in: Dominican Republic

Master Blender: Fuente

Owners: Ashton Distributors Inc.

Ashton Cigarillos are a must-try for all cigar enthusiasts. However, if you're looking for different sizes in this blend, check Ashton's website.  Lastly, to return to the homepage, click here.

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