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Ashton ESG vs VSG: Top 5 Differences

By Francina Alvarez
Ashton ESG vs VSG: Top 5 Differences

Ashton Estate Sun Grown (ESG) vs Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG): what’s the difference? Produced under the watchful eyes of the Fuentes, they both offer the perfect draw, consistent taste, even burn, and long ash. Why then should you pay almost double the price for an ESG? This article highlights the top differences between an ESG and a VSG. 

Ashton ESG vs VSG: Top 5 Differences

1. The Cigar Wrapper 

The ESG contains a blend of Dominican binders and fillers housed in ultra-rare Dominican Sun grown wrappers. An authentic Dominican puro. All the tobacco used in making the ESG is grown from Cuban seeds on the Fuente family estate.

The VSG, on the other hand, is housed in a lustrous Sumatra-seed wrapper grown in the volcanic soil of Ecuador. This adds a layer of mystery, rarity, and dollars to the ESG. 

2. How Accessible Are They?

The Dominican soil and climate are not supposed to support the growing of tobacco wrappers. The Fuente family was the first to pull this off with the ESG wrapper. The limited supply and dedication to uncompromising quality, therefore, makes these wrappers hotcakes. 

Therefore, ESG is the holy grail of Ashton cigars. They are limited in supply, unlike the VSG, which is more readily available. 

3. Flavor Profile 

Now we are in rarefied territory. The flavor of ESG is like a carnival for the palate. Lightening up these bad boys fill your palate with a montage of spices. This progresses into creamy notes of almonds, cashew, chestnuts, graham cracker, and toast. 

The flavor of VSG is also great and reliable but not as complex and creamy as its counterpart. It greets the palate with earthy, cedar, and leathery notes on lighting it up. Residual notes of raisins and wood are also unraveled as one nears the nub. It is safe to conclude the ESG edges this round out.

4. Age of Binders and Fillers

The Ashton VSG core is made up of tobacco aged 4 to 5 years. The ESG, on the other hand, is aged for an extended period to divulge an optimal maturation of flavor. This creates the observed separation in flavor, aroma, and depth between these two.

5. Price Tag 

At almost double the price, the winner of this round of the ESG vs VSG bout is a no-brainer. The rarity of the ESG wrapper means that they go for as high as 20 USD a pop. This can be a major deal-breaker because the same price will get about 2 quality Ashton VSG  cigars. 

Both are exceptional offerings from one of the finest cigar producers in the world. It was always going to be a close battle. After 5 amazing rounds, we believe the ESG edges this bout out. The complexity of the flavor and the way it dances on your tongue without any bitter aftertaste makes up for that extra wad of cash. 

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