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3 Pregnancy Announcement Gifts for Grandparents & Family

By Mariana Heredia
3 Pregnancy Announcement Gifts for Grandparents & Family

Pregnancy means the start of a new journey and this new aspect of life is unlike anything before. If you’re looking for personalized pregnancy announcement gift ideas for grandparents and other family members, look no further.

3 Best Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ideas for the Grandparents and the Whole Family

Personalized Cigars

You might be surprised to see cigars. However, they make the perfect gift for any occasion. Personalized cigars are unique and special, making them ideal pregnancy announcement gifts for grandparents and family members. For instance, the Don Diego Classic Corona is a spectacular cigar that you can personalize with a pregnancy announcement of your choice!

This mild to medium-bodied cigar is perfect for any occasion and time of day. You can taste flavors of cedar, nuts, coffee, and soft spice. Alongside the customized pregnancy announcement message, this is an unbeatable gift. Shop for personalized cigars here, at Cigar Country!

Flowers With A Hand-Written Letter

The most old-school gift you can opt for is a bouquet of flowers. Grandparents will adore such presents. That’s because they grew up with gifts like these. You can pick a set of flowers depending on the recipient’s preferences. There are many options to choose from, including roses, waterfall orchids, daisies, etc.

However, the daffodil is the perfect choice for a pregnancy announcement. That’s because daffodils represent new beginnings. Since this is a new chapter for parents and grandparents alike, a set of daffodils will be loved by everyone. They can keep these flowers in the baby’s room or somewhere they will be seen often.

You can pair flowers with a hand-written letter or personalized cigars to make the perfect pregnancy announcement gifts for grandparents and family members, letting them know of what’s to come!

Cookie Boxes

Cookie boxes come with a variety of decorated cookies. You can choose to personalize them with themes or colors! Contact your local bakery or cookie shop. Pair them with personalized cigars!

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