The 5 Best Davidoff Cigars of 2022

By Mariana Heredia | June 9, 2022
The 5 Best Davidoff Cigars of 2022 5-Best-Davidoff-Cigars-of-2022-Feature-image-350 × 350

As we all know, the Davidoff company has established itself as a premium brand of cigars. And continuously, they’re being ranked as one of the best premier and quality cigar companies. With so many to choose from, Cigar Country has narrowed it down to the best 5 Davidoff cigars of 2022.


The 5 Best Davidoff Cigars of 2022

1. Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro

Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro is a great cigar to look at. The wrapper is light to medium brown, with a slight reddish hue and small veins. The most noticeable box-press shape gives this cigar an almost square shape.

Its unique shape makes it stand out in a humidor. The cigar is well packed, with significant weight in hand, and the cigars firmly close. The foot has a decent amount of tobacco sticking out of it. After cutting, there is an attractive aroma of barnyard and pepper. The cold draw is clean with notes of leather and earthiness.

Once lit, Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro begins with a good spice on the lips and tongue and leathery flavors from the wrapper. After about an inch, the pepper starts to fade away, leaving behind very creamy, chewy flavors for the first third. There are also some light herbal flavors and a light woodsy note on the aftertaste that is pleasant but not particularly strong or complex.

2. The Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tube 

The Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tube is an excellent cigar to smoke while spending time with your friends. This cigar is excellent with a nice red wine because of the smoothness and flavors in this cigar, but it can also stand a glass of whisky or vodka. It started when Davidoff tried to expand his portfolio to Brazil.

With origins beginning in Brazil, the best sweetening thing about The Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tube is its Mata Fina and Cubra filters. The Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tube is an unmatched product in its field. It has a salty and woody taste that reflects authentic Brazilian culture.

3. Davidoff Dominicana Toro 

The Davidoff Dominicana Toro is one of the finest handmade cigars from the Davidoff factory. When introduced the Davidoff Dominicana series in 1994, and since then, it has been a favorite for many smokers for its rich flavors, smooth draw, and excellent burn.

The Davidoff Dominicana cigar is made using Dominican tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The tobaccos were grown in the Cibao Valley, located in the country’s Northeastern part. This region is well known for making some of the finest quality tobacco in the world. These tobaccos are hand-selected and fermented to perfection before being rolled into a fine wrapper and binder.

4. Davidoff Black Robusto Tubes Sampler

 Davidoff Robusto Tubes features outstanding cigars. They have even burns, great flavor, and aroma. This sampler has three premium quality stogies: Yamasa, Escurio, and Nicaragua. With the Davidoff Black Robusto Tubes Sampler, you can make your simple day just unforgettable. 

The specialty, in our opinion, is its unique packing as these premium quality cigars are packed in tubes and then into the boxes.

5. Davidoff Aniversario Entreacto

Davidoff Aniversario Entreacto is a gentle to medium-body Short Corona-sized stogie, ideal for extraordinary events. This painstakingly created mix includes a nice blend of Dominican long-filler tobacco and an Ecuadorian wrapper. Who can taste cedar and flavor with each puff; notes of calfskin, dark pepper, and nuts swirl into the atmosphere?

Furthermore, the stogie closes with a velvety persistent flavor. You can transform any second into an exceptional event with Davidoff Anniversary stogies. This blend also includes Davidoff Aniversario Double R, Special T, No 3, Special R, and Short Perfecto.

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